What You Need To Know About Pre- Natal Vitamins

Pre- natal vitamins as the name suggests precedes childbirth. The point of taking pre- natal vitamins is to assure the good health of the body of the mother. It also is to make the fetus and the ensuing infant healthy.

The pre-natal vitamins offer the supply of vitamins and nutrients that the normal diet is unable to sufficiently provide. For example the lack of vitamin A in the diet can be because of the lack of the yellow vegetables in the daily menu.

The pre-natal vitamins provide the back up to the daily diet. It delivers the supporting supply of vitamins to make up for the deficiency in the diet. In such cases where there is lack of yellow vegetables, vitamin A is carried in the pre-natal vitamin line up to compensate for this.


There are essential nutrients that form the brunt of the pre- natal care list of supplements. The other vitamins and minerals are important too. The core of pre- natal care however hinges on these three essential nutrients.

Folic Acid – this is essential for neuro development of the fetus. It has an effect on the brain and the spinal cord. Lack of it or insufficient amounts of it can cause retardation and stumped development of the nervous system.

Spina Bifida is a common defect of the neural tube that originates from the brain and includes the entire structure of the spinal cord. The neural tube could be so affected by folic acid insufficiency as to left open causing mental retardation, paralysis, and incontinent bowel movement.

Neural tube defect sets in the first 28 days of conception before the Pregnancy becomes obvious or before the mother can detect it.

In such cases it will be too late to reverse the defect so 400 micrograms of Folic acid is recommended for women of childbearing age. The best Staples for daily delivery of 400 micrograms of folic acid will be in the Breads for the dining table.

Wouldn’t you know but folic acid is abundant in green leafy vegetables and citrus fruits. The breakfast cereals in grocery shelves are also fortified with big doses of folic acid.

Calcium – Calcium is for the bones. The mother can supplement her diet with calcium taken as pill concentrates or include a wide array of dairy products in her diet. Milk products have plentiful calcium. The calcium will also aid the bone formation for the fetus in the womb.

Iron – this is essential for healthy and efficient circulation and oxygenation of the blood. The iron helps fortify the body of the mother as well as the fetus in the womb by making the blood carry proper amounts of oxygen.

Breads and other foods packed by manufacturers are given iron supplements to help distribute the iron to expectant mothers in the populace.


Pre- natal vitamins should have the following minimum dosages of the following vitamins, minerals and nutrients. These are the minimum dosages acceptable to be helpful for pregnancy:

Vitamin A – 4,000 IU (international units)
Folic Acid – 800 Micrograms (MCG)
Pyridoxine – 2.5 MG
Vitamin D – 400 IU Calcium – 200 MG
Vitamin C – 70 MG
Iron – 30 MG
Thiamine – 1.5 MG
Riboflavin – 1.6 MG
Niacinamide – 17MG
Zinc – 15 MG
Vitamin B-12 – 2.2 MCG
Vitamin E – 10 MG

Check the multivitamin brands for the minimum dosages and make sure that they have the bare minimums given above. Also be choosy as to the form the multivitamins take. Choose the best that will not make you nauseous or disrupt your normal eating habits. Choose between chewable, syrup, capsule or pill.

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