Joan’s Journal

My sickness continued into this week — a lingering, body-aching cold/virus-type thing that my antibiotics don’t seem to be helping. Last night was the first night I felt physically worthwhile, but this morning I am drained again from the workout. Because I didn’t feel well all week, I wasn’t able to get any of the work done that I had taken on vacation with me, so I came home early.

Mom’s cooking wasn’t too much of a downfall for me because I didn’t feel like eating much. Although I did eat what she prepared, I only had a small portion or a bite, and then I didn’t feel like eating anything else. I only felt like eating bland food. Her box of Shredded Mini Wheats was done for by the time I left.

Some enemy food does show up on the food diary, but the quantity was so limited I did not think twice about it. The three bites of steak I ate is a good example. Also, Thanksgiving dinner was a wash — I ate scout bites of a few things, amounting to two or three spoonfuls of each item — including the cherry pie. It was all pretty tasteless to me because of the cold.

This week I am hoping to return to full form (though today I still feel really worn down). I am taking dance classes that start on Monday, so I’m looking forward to that.

Sharon’s Reply

It’s no fun being sick — at least you were home for some TLC from Mom. I noticed you missed a lot of meals and ate very small amounts of food. You did manage to eat a few vegetables. Please check your weight this week.

You could try to drink more fruit juices and eat more fruit while you are feeling sick. You need fluids and vitamin C to fight the infection. Have you ever tried Echinacea? It improves the immune system. It should only be used for up to six weeks.

Be forewarned — many people say that their appetite comes back ferociously when they recover. The food tastes so good and satisfying. Doesn’t the consumption of food signify a return to health? You need calories and nutrients to help you recover, so eat bland and light, but keep providing your body with fuel to heal.

Hope you feel better soon!


Armand’s Reply


At least you got in an extensive walk, along with the treadmill workout. That counts for something! The weight training session you performed will maintain some strength and muscle tone as well. I would like to have you perform the stretches after EVERY workout session in order to reap the rewards of greater flexibility. The stretches will also aid in relaxation, which you may find especially beneficial when you are under the weather.

Now that your energy is on the upswing again (we hope!), I would like you to get in three or four solid workouts this week. Try to get in at least two weight training portions along with your regular cardio workouts.

That’s great that you will be taking dance class — is it once a week? Dance is great exercise as well as being a lot of fun. What type of dance is it? How long are the classes? Are you taking the classes with a friend? Expect to experience some muscle soreness since you will be using your muscles differently than you are accustomed to. The soreness is temporary, of course, and can be minimized when followed with the stretching routine.

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