How To Stop Hair Loss

Even though most males experience hair loss when they grow older, today many younger men are loosing their hair. So, what can men do in order to prevent their hair loss? These are some items I think the reader should think about.

Hair loss is due to genetics or other causes attributed to biology or the environment. When a person experiences hair loss due to genetics, such as male pattern baldness, the individual can look for a medical treatment consisting of taking an oral dosage of a medicine like Propecia without prescription and also applying Rogaine (which contains Minoxidil, an inhibitor of DHT formation, that assists in the destruction of hair follicles) all over the scalp. These two medications have received scientific proof that they do contribute to the growth of new hair. However, the caveat relies on the fact that a person needs to take both of these medications all the time, or else the new hair might cease to grow when the medicine is no longer used. Genetic male pattern baldness frequently occurs in families in which the man who is experiencing hair loss has a dad tho was also bald.

In order to deal with hair loss that is due to biological or environmental causes, a man needs to look at changing his lifestyle. Hair loss is frequently attributed to stress.

Time periods in which a lot of stress and anxiety occur due to a job or other responsibilities, typically causes the increase of hair loss, so it is important to learn good techniques of coping with stress, and also how to develop a healthy lifestyle by eating nutritious foods on a daily basis. Increase your consumption of healthy fruits and vegetables, and do not eat fried foods containing a lot of oil; plus you need to make sure you are eating foods that contain protein, because hair loss is sometimes due to lack of sufficient protein. Professionals who are busy working long hours and who typically do not eat their regular meals, can buy some multivitamins in order to supply them with the vitamins and minerals their bodies lack. Something else to consider is sufficient sleep. When we sleep, our bodies bounce back from fatigue, and our scalps also get a chance to rejuvenate. Getting less than 8 hours of sleep at night can cause hair loss, so be sure to get a good night’s sleep every night. If you also have a regular exercise routine that you practice on a weekly basis, this is also sure to increase your body’s health, which also includes the health of your scalp and your hair.

Additionally, hair loss can also be a result of using the wrong types of shampoos, frequent applications of chemicals to the scalp and not shampooing the hair correctly! Make sure that whatever shampoo you use to wash your hair is appropriate for usage on your particular scalp. Stay away from dying and waxing procedures on your hair, as they can be harsh. It is also helpful to learn how to shampoo the hair properly; the proper method involves a deep and thorough cleansing. Hair loss can increase when unwashed residues of shampoo remain on the scalp, as the shampoo irritates the scalp. Consult a trichologist if you have any concerns.

Chemotherapy, as well as the usage of certain other medications, might also contribute to  hair loss. This type of hair loss is only temporary, however, and should cease when the usage of medications and other chemical therapies cease.

To put this simply, males who suffer from hair loss need to look at these methods in order to fight against their receding hairlines prior to the complete loss of hair.

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