How do I get started? Part 1

I weigh 284 lbs. Have tried every diet on this earth, some success, lots of failures. Mid 50’s female. Any suggestions?

It’s safe to lose about one-half to two pounds per week. When beginning an exercise program, you may see an initial loss of more than this, but it will quickly level out. More rapid weight loss may indicate a loss of lean body mass (muscle), which should not be the goal of any exercise program; lean body mass is “good” weight — it burns calories. Also, drastic, rapid weight loss is difficult to sustain long term.

I have started a diet and exercise regime and would like to share what has helped me to lose 15lbs so far. I used to drink lots of pepsi before – I switched to diet coke. I also drink as much water as I can muster.

I also used to eat fast food a lot. I started eating healthier by choosing to eat salads and limiting my intake of junk foods. Try having a big glass of water before you eat. Eat as slow as you can, chewing very well. Start making your portions smaller. Have one piece of chicken instead of 2. Don’t make it too small too fast though. Don’t get me wrong, I still eat fast food every now and then, but not as often, and I eat half as much as I used to.

Another thing I have done is I eat my bigger meals at the beginning of the day. If you eat well during the day, you aren’t liable to have a binge at the end of the day since you don’t feel so hungry.

Try to start exercising at least every second day. Even if it is only a little bit of exercise like walking for 15 minutes – even less if you think that is too much. I’m lucky enough to have a treadmill at home, so I jump on it every second night for half an hour. I started at 15 minutes and gradually went longer as I thought I could handle it. Try to pick something you enjoy so you will stick to it. Maybe dance in your living room for 15 minutes.

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