Erin’s Journal Week Eight. Part 2

Sharon’s Reply

I am sorry you still do not feel well, and I hope that you resolve this problem soon. It is an effort to shop, cook and clean up after cooking balanced meals when you are sick. Keep reminding yourself that eating healthy is part of the treatment to feeling better. The nutrients from good food will help you fight the illness and recover. The junk food only gets in the way of a chance to eat better.

When you are not feeling well, you may find yourself craving comfort foods. Many of us can remember certain foods from childhood that we ate when we were hurt, sick or upset. I remember chicken noodle soup and crackers. Many of these foods were high in carbohydrates, which actually do calm our nerves. Just be careful you do not over eat. The calories will catch up with you, particularly if your comfort food is milkshakes or brownies!


Armand’s Reply


How frustrating for you to be still not feeling well and not know why. It sounds, though, like you are determined not to let the sluggishness get the best of you. Congratulations on exercising as much as you did. How did you feel afterwards? Were you more tired, or did the workouts give you a boost of energy? And while you were exercising, were you more winded than usual or feel your muscles fatigue sooner than usual? Please give me more details like this in your next journal. It would help me better gauge your body’s response to the exercise and whether or not you might be working out too hard.

I would also like you to complete your exercise log or at least provide a list of the exercises you are doing at each weight-training session, along with the number of repetitions and the resistance level. This is how we track your progress, and it enables me to give you more specific advice.

You say that the machines are more difficult to use than others you have used in the past. What makes them more difficult? If they are more complicated, is there someone at the facility who can instruct you on how to use them correctly? Let me know what brands you are using.

Good luck “staying healthy” at the camping trip and at your parents’ house. It sounds like the experience will test your resolve to get fit. On the positive side, camping is usually a great opportunity to go hiking. Why not try to organize a group of you to take a hike or at least a short nature walk? Maybe your good influence will rub off on your family. If not, at least you can do it for yourself.

Otherwise, keep to your goal of four cardio sessions along with the weight training. I assume you are stretching after every workout!

Take care of yourself and let me know — in more detail — how you made out this week.

Keep it up!


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