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Exercise Prolongs Life

Sunday, September 30th, 2012

Motivating your members to exercise on a regular basis may have just gotten easier. Recent findings have shown that regular activity will help to prolong life, reducing mortality rates up to 50 percent. (more…)

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Practicing the Form

Thursday, September 20th, 2012

The names of the moves in tai chi chien are not as consistent and universal as the names in Yang style tai chi chaun, although some are romantic or exotic, e.g., “Bird Seeking Lodging Flies Into Forest,” and “Biggest Star in the Big Dipper.” Many teachers prefer to use physical descriptions for each move e.g., “Raise knee and windmill chop,” or “Backward step and inverted thrust”. (more…)

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Ryan’s Journal: Week Six. Part 2

Tuesday, September 11th, 2012

Outstanding job with your cardiovascular activity this week! It’s the best week you’ve had so far. Both your duration and variety were ideal. The shin splints probably came about from worn shoes, as you guessed. Or, it could be from doing a little too much jogging, too soon. If the shins are still bothering you, perform more of a brisk walk than jogging. (more…)

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Ryan’s Journal: Week Six. Part 1

Tuesday, September 11th, 2012

I had much better control of both exercise and food this week. I did not have to travel this week, which makes it much easier. The test will come next week, since I will be out Monday through Thursday. Each day I will be in a different city, which will tax both the proper diet and exercise. (more…)

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A Change Of Pace, Part 2

Monday, September 10th, 2012

Background noise is never a problem. Unless it is some high school student thinking that the whole world listens to hip hop, And, as a public service, plays it loud enough so that we all may partake in the aural delight of such modern virtuosos as Master P and Snoop Doggy Dogg (you know, the Carnegie Hall crowd). (more…)

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A Change Of Pace, Part 1

Friday, September 7th, 2012

There is one particular thing which I consider the bane of running at any time of the day, no matter where you happen to live, and that one thing is called simply ‘automobile traffic.’ I can avoid other runners, and I can avoid bicyclists and I can even avoid those kids who insist on plaguing the sidewalk with skateboards and scooters. (more…)

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